Daily Reminders

Over the last few weeks I have been making it a point to write myself daily reminders. It started out as a way for me to stay organized while at my office. It worked, a little too well. My reminders were based around completion of projects, meeting deadlines and office type related topics. I ignored what set Pritzer apart from the insurance company down the street. Creativity.

Without creativity and a plan of action to make that creativity come alive we are just pencil pushing content creators with too much caffeinated energy. My daily reminder today is to Stay Creative.

This applies to any industry (including insurance companies) or any profession. We recently started working with a large Dealership in Baltimore. Their approach to their website and marketing was exactly like every other dealership in any town across the US. My challenge to them was to really put themselves out there and not do what every other car dealership is doing. Create valuable content in the form of videos and blog posts and offer assistance without pitching their services. This is like asking ducks to fly north for the winter or senior citizens to head to Minnesota instead of Palm Springs or Florida during the snow season.

The ownership saw the big picture, accepted the challenge and we are now creating helpful video tips and blog posts that do not try to sell cars! And guess what, because of this approach we will help them sell more cars, a lot more cars.

What are you doing to stand out? How are you staying creative in your sales or marketing approach? Challenge yourself and your team to really put yourself out there and set your daily reminders to creative mode. Without creativity we are just one of many instead of the one.

Good selling



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