It’s time for video to take center stage again

Facebook is making your profile more visual with the Timeline and the new image gallery. Instagram is turning all of us into professional photo editors. Pintrest has established its entire existence using nothing but images and of course Youtube is still the 2nd most popular search engine only behind Google. There’s a change in the air and you don’t need to smell it – you can actually see it.

Video and Images are in the midst of this marketing trend adding more than aesthetics to marketing.

I have written a lot about video in the past and I am happy to report that video will continue to play a large part in marketing in 2013. Why? Because when done right, video content cuts through the fluff and increases audience engagement. Mortgage professionals need to take notice and start to really understand what it takes to make video marketing work for them.

How video relates to the mortgage industry

Real Estate Agents have been fairly good in using video and imagery to promote their properties. However, that industry is a prime example of the “monkey see – monkey do” syndrome. Unfortunately creativity and entertainment take a back seat to the overuse of virtual tours and exaggerated property descriptions.

As generic as the RE industry may be in their use of video and imagery at least they are making an attempt. Mortgage professionals for the most part are not even trying. The majority of mortgage marketing is all about selling rate and fees and not about presenting the experience of doing business with the mortgage professional. As egotistical as this may seem, the fact is by the time someone comes to your website, blog or Facebook page they probably already have a good understanding of where rates are. This is when you can use video to introduce yourself or better yet, have your happy clients introduce you.

What about text? How does it play into my marketing

I will always focus on the online and digital aspect of marketing so when I talk about text I am specifically talking about text on websites and blogs. Text plays a vital part in online marketing because at this point in time search engines find text that is relevant to a search request and present it to the end user.

Writing relevant and useful content in your website/blog that relates to the search terms you want to be found under will help search engines find and “recommend” you. More on content marketing in a later write up but I wanted to make sure to mention it here because your video and text need to reinforce each other in conveying your message.

It is hard to predict what 2013 will bring but at this point it looks like video will continue to grow. It’s time for mortgage professionals to embrace this fact. Get creative, be proactive and make the best of it.


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