Offer value to make your content stand out

The original search engines were the huge yellow pages books of days gone past. When someone was looking for a specific type of business, he would open the big book and search alphabetically for the type of business. Typically, the bigger the ad the more attention it would get. The smaller the ad towards the end of the category would get much less attention.

There were tricks people would play to try to pay as little as possible and show up near the front of the category. Business owners would name their company (for the sake of the phone book) something that started with AAAA. Because the old phone books categorized the line ads in alphabetical order, the more “As” at the beginning the better.

When I first got started in Online Marketing, I had clients making the transition from print to online thinking this “technique” would work. Little did they know what they were in for.

Over the last decade, there were tricks that got past the search engines. Companies would add crappy links and stuff keywords and VIOLA, the sites would show up. Today that is no longer the case. Google has made many updates over the last few years that penalize websites for such tactics. I am not talking about a warning followed by a penalty; I am talking about VIOALA you are no longer going to show up anywhere! Taking these short cuts is definitely not worth the price.

So what is left? How do you make sure your website is found when people are looking for your services? Provide valuable information on your website that provides information for the person conducting the search. In other words, become relevant – Its sounds simple enough. However, it takes planning and dedication to achieve results. If you are not in it for the long haul you are in for much disappointment.

Don’t solely focus on your niche (directly)

We have a large car dealership as client in the East Coast. Their main objective is to sell more cars. The problem is that making themselves like every other dealership by producing videos and marketing material promoting lowest price and the biggest inventory was just a bunch of sameness.

Keeping with content marketing strategies that work, our solution was to produce content and videos that addressed issues having to do with topics that come up during the car buying experience and car maintenance. Content ranged from videos on how to improve credit to get a better car loan to tips on when to change windshield wipers. The result was true relevance under multiple vertical search queries. By doing this they were able to establish their brand in their local market. The client established true relevance and increased search engine positioning.

Offer value to make your content stand out

Go beyond the obvious and create content that answers a question or solves a problem relating to your industry. Search engines smile upon this type of marketing because it is not seen as SPAMMY, it is actually RELEVANT and search engines love this.

In my write up on the power in content marketing, I made it clear to be helpful but don’t come across like a sales person. Offer free assistance and don’t try to close a sale in your content. Doing this will make your information genuine and it will encourage your site visitors to engage and see you as a resource.

These days it takes more than changing your name to AAAA Inc. or keyword stuffing. Be consistent and work at it and you will see results over time.

Good Selling,
Byron G. Torres


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