The power in content marketing

Consumers continue to tune out “traditional” or “intrusive” marketing. Things like TV commercials, billboards, pop up ads, junk mail and even search engine paid adds are seen as inconveniently annoying. On the other hand, consumer focused helpful information is sought after. This is made up of search results that help answer a question of the person conducting the search.

If done correctly, helpful videos, blog posts and podcasts are not seen as marketing or advertising (by the consumer) and in turn make true engagement something that is suddenly possible for businesses large and small.

Before I continue let me tell you what Content Marketing is:

Content marketing is about providing valuable information for the purpose of establishing credibility, trust, and brand awareness. Successful content marketing campaigns establish you as an expert in your field.

Content marketing is not about pushing a sale, it is about building trust and establishing a relationship with potential and existing clients.

Types of Content to create

It will take some getting used to but make sure that you are not plugging your services in your content. Remember that the goal is to produce content that is helpful and not content that will be perceived as a sales pitch.

Take this article podcast for instance. I am sharing what it is that we do, but I am ok with that. I know that if you are willing and able to put content marketing to work, you will be successful. I also know that if things get overwhelming, the chances of you calling me and hiring Pritzer to create content for you each month has just increased.

The types of content you can create can be anything that will provide value. it can be any of the following:

  • Videos
  • Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Podcasts
  • Pictures
  • infographic
  • Guest Writer/Blogger

I must add a disclaimer to this. If you are producing videos be sure to add a professional flare to them. Use a tripod to keep your camera steady and make sure you can be heard. It would be a shame if you put time into putting together great content that people would not watch because of how it looks or sounds. The Power in Content Marketing

Give it away for free

If you are a mechanic and you make your money fixing transmissions, am I telling you to show people how to do it online themselves? That is exactly what I am telling you to do.

Our best customers are the ones that think they can do it themselves. Eventually, people get over their heads and simply can’t do it themselves. So who will they call? Are they more likely to randomly select someone online or are they more likely to select the company whose videos they have watched for 10,20,30,40 minutes? Think about it, what would you do?

The videos, the write ups and the pictures establish you as an expert in your field and the person taking in the information sees you as a go to source.

Pre-qualified Customers

Someone searching for “how to change the  transmission on my Toyota” is more than likely in the market for transmission work on a Toyota. Just like the person searching for “San Francisco Real Estate Loans” is probably looking for a loan in San Francisco. I know this sounds redundant and very obvious but if you really think about this concept you will see the true the power behind content marketing.

What if you are a mechanic in the area where the search is being made and your articles and videos pop up on search engine results? You now become the brand and go to for that potential customer. Beyond the initial investment (time and effort)  made to create the initial content, the mechanic did not have to do much more to possibly earn that business.

People are seeking out information. Content Creation /  Content marketing is not seen as intrusive but rather it is seen as valuable. Compare that to a television commercial in the middle of your favorite show or the countless junk that is stuffed in your mailbox.


Having a plan of actions is key to making sure you stay on task. At my office, I have a publishing calendar and an idea board for each client. I plan when we will be writing, when we will be shooting videos and when everything will be published. Because my business is to provide valuable content for my clients, making sure that we are organized is very important.

Do the same thing. Put together a content calendar and stick to it. Jot down ideas that you think will be helpful. If you don’t know what to write about, email your clients or prospects and ask them to send you questions they would like answered.

All of our phones are now capable of voice recordings. Record your ideas and random thoughts and then expand on the ideas when you sit down to write.


Ideas are plentiful but execution is where it all can fall apart. Commit to being successful in your field. Commit to being the go to professional in your city, state or region. Execution cannot be taught, we either execute or we don’t do. I have always said that I will take a so-so idea that is executed over the well thought out – fail proof concept that never happens.

I have met many sales people who have all of the answers but are not willing to call on clients. I have also made the newbie sales people who don’t know any different and they will talk to anyone who will listen. I think my point is made. Execute.


In some verticals keeping the length of the videos or write ups may be difficult to do. However, when at all possible keep your content short and get to the point quickly. A rule of thumb for videos is 60-90 seconds and write ups between 1000-1500 words.

Once your content is done, upload it to your web site/blog, Facebook, newsletters, YouTube and any other site where you think your content can be seen.

It is easy to be intimidated by the process but if you stop and think about how much you know about your industry you will be surprised. Share your knowledge and write about what you know. With a good plan and great execution you will achieve marketing effectiveness  that will result in increased sales and profits.

Good Selling,

Byron Torres


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