How to lose a customer – Have an ugly website

I was guilty of writing articles with the intent to “engage” with titles like “5 best ways to…” Do these 3 things to….” and so on. I was sick of seeing headlines like these yet I jumped right on the band wagon. I slapped my self silly and realized that I needed to make a change and so I have.

When speaking to my clients i tell them that before they focus their marketing on how to gain new customers they should first stop the bleeding and stop losing customers. Things like ugly websites, outdated content, and no online presence  are sure ways to drive potential new customer away.

I thought, “hey Byron, if I could show them how to lose a customer maybe I could show them how to better market”. Sounded good to me so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and stop with the silly headlines and give advice on how to stop losing customers. So here is a new video from the series entitled HOW TO LOSE A CUSTOMER.

The goal of this series is to help business owners stop the bleeding and fix the things that will make a difference in their overall sales.

How to lose a customer

New sales and new customers are the lifeline of any business. One sure way to lose a potential customer is to introduce yourself to them with a non mobile friendly monstrosity built by your long lost nephew back in 2001.

Today’s consumers want information and if they don’t get it NOW they are gone. Having a website that is difficult to navigate or one that is not mobile friendly is a sure way to set yourself apart in the wrong way. So if you want to lose a customer…have an ugly website

This friendly message is brought to you by Pritzer Media. We build websites that don’t suck.


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