Why headphones get tangled in your pocket

I neatly fold my headphones and stick them in my pocket and without fail, when I pull them out they are in a perfect knot of frustration. I looked into it and it is a real thing, scientists even got involved and tried to make sense of it. You can see article here: http://ind.pn/1vZ19Hd

I don’t know hat they found because my patience is short and there was no video explaining the phenomenon. They did have cool pictures though.

Why headphones get tangled in your pocket

We decided to tackle it ourselves and created a video explaining why headphones get tangled in your pocket. Why? Because that is what we do at Pritzer, we provide answers to problems. That’s how we roll (that is not a natural phrase for me to say or write…I’m getting old)

Using the smallest of cameras we found that it is not science at work, it is tiny pocket creatures we’ve named “GREMOZ”. These little guys are responsible for missing keys, butt dials and tangling headphones in your pocket.

Watch this short but educational video so you know what is happening in your pocket and purses too for that matter.


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