Fun With Stock

Fun With Stock

I have been in love and in hate with stock images and video. Most of the pictures are so cliche and blah. Unfortunately for me stock is not going anywhere so I decided to have some fun with it. I am starting a series called Fun With Stock. Here is the first video.

This one ended up being more of a mindless fact of advertising. Enjoy

Did you know that including a thumbnail of an attractive woman on your video will increase your chances of your video being viewed? In fact attractive women doing just about anything in a video increase viewership! Why, mainly because men between the ages of 18-105 are horn dogs…don’t believe me? Ask the folks over at Carl’s Jr. ….what was I saying?

Oh that’s right…men are horn dogs and attractive women in videos increase viewership.

This is a mindless advertising fact that more than likely will not blow your mind. Do with it what you wish. This is Byron signing off…


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