Top Reasons Why Marketing Campaigns Fail

I hear it every week “I tried that and it didn’t work”. Although there are many more reasons, here is a short list of reasons why marketing campaigns fail

Ending a campaign too soon
Too many small business owners pull the plug on a campaign before it has a chance to perform.

Not having a plan of action
I didn’t list these in any particular order but if I had to pick one reason, not having a plan would be number one.

Not enough research and then picking the wrong medium
This goes hand in hand with not having a plan. Research will save you a lot of money, headaches and sleepless nights.

Not knowing your target customers
Who is your client? Is it a man or a woman? Are your clients young, old or a mix? Where does your client live? Is it a family or a single person? Not knowing your client will make it difficult to determine what type of marketing will work for you. Define your client and then go after him , her or them.

Unrealistic expectations
Expecting that direct mail piece or commercial to make or break your year? Be ready to be let down. Set the right expectations for each marketing campaign and monitor your returns closely.

Thinking that it’s going to be easy
“Here’s what we’ll do, we’ll set up a landing page and throw some money at Adwords”. It doesn’t quite work that way. Any successful marketing campaign takes work. From concept and delivery to managing the response, it requires time and effort.

Not using media (or technology) to the fullest
I base this mainly on the Internet, not utilizing the Internet to the fullest but it really lends itself to any medium.

Putting all eggs in one basket (no media mix)
Many business owners make the mistake of putting their entire budget into a specific media. Like most things in life, that is a big mistake. Spreading your marketing and advertising will help you keep your ROI balanced.

Boring and uninteresting advertising
Seek to stand out without distracting from your main message – be interesting

Learn from the mistakes of others and go out and market yourself successfully.


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