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My daily goal is to show at least one business owner the benefits local online marketing has to offer. Local online marketing is one of those things that business owners know they need but push it aside for traditional forms of marketing.

It is staggering how many small business owners refuse to adopt this “new” medium. I only put new in quotes because this is the mentality of the majority of the businesses I speak every day. Are you one of these thinkers? Does local online marketing seem like one of those things where you simply do not know where to begin? Not to worry, there is hope for you yet.

Think of local online marketing as the digital yellow pages. Back aabout a decade ago (maybe more) if someone was looking for a dentist in their city, they would simply pull out the huge book and open it up to the dentist section and typically call the first few dentists on the page. Search engines work the same way (minues the bulky book), they search for the listings closest to you. the difference is that the free listings are called “organic results and the paid listings are called…paid listings. I will get into details on the difference between each in a different post.

That is what local online marketing is. The ability for your business to be found when someone is looking for your services in your local market. If you have the time to learn the ins and outs about search engine algorithms or you can hire a marketing comapny like Pritzer to help you achieve local online marekting results.


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