People want to get to know your business

People want to get to know your business before they get to know your business and video allows you the ability to do that. You can put people at a table if you own a restaurant or to see a home if you’re a real estate agent or simply letting them see you and get to know you as a person and what you’re all about.

It is surprising to see that a lot of businesses aren’t using video or are using poorly produced video. Video does not have to be fancy but it does need to be good. It needs to provide quality content that gets to the point and helps people watching it make a decision and take action.

Adding motion graphics or animation to a video takes it to a new level. So, step up the production value and make good videos. If you can’t do it yourself, provides the video and animation solutions you need. Remember that good videos equal more sales.

Byron G. Torres is the creative director and founder at Pritzer Media and Vid Machine. He is a marketing expert and has been selected to be a “Marketing Avenger” alongside some of the industry’s top professionals.


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