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Small business owners are faced with a daily dilemma of how to bring in more customers to make more sales and increase over all profits. One solution is to invest in more effective marketing and keep costs low. Easy right? Not so much if you try and do it yourself or hire a newbie to do it for you.

Website development can get expensive so finding a business partner who can deliver affordable business websites is a great find. There are many companies out there offering a cheap service but you get what you pay for. Make certain to ask the following

1. Expandable

Is my website expandable? Make certain that your website can grow with your business. Having a good looking website is nice but having the ability to make changes and to keep it up to date is extremely valuable.

2. Blog

Does my website have a blog? Updating your services page on a regular basis can be challenging. Adding a blog to your site will allow you to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and keep your website updates on a regular basis.

3. Affordable

can you set up a great looking website at an affordable price? Building a website in 1998 was not easy. Coding an ugly website took weeks and weeks of sleepless nights. Today setting up a great functioning website takes expertise, a good eye and the ability to use the software available to us. The company you select should have a good grasp on the technologies available to keep your costs low.

At the end of the day the price of your website will depend on features and the time it takes to set it up. Remember that ANYTHING is possible. However, if you own a business that caters to local consumers and all you are looking for is a great looking affordable business website  you do not need to spend thousands of dollars.

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Byron G. Torres


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