Turn your features into benefits

What’s in it for me? If you write your marketing material with the consumer benefits in mind or what is in it for THEM, you will be ok.

Many marketing pieces or advertisements turn into what I call bragertising (or bragvertising) I am sure you will recognize these:

  • Top selling real estate agent 2 years in a row
  • Best dentist in town
  • California’s best mechanic

So what?!? What’s in it for me? These headlines do not tell the reader/viewer/visitor how the consumer is going to benefit. Doing this adds to the sales pitchy approach to marketing that consumers have come to really dislike (maybe I am just speaking for myself).

The good news is that it can be fixed by simply turning the features into benefits. In other words, tell consumers how they will benefit.

Here is a short list of benefit statements:

  • I get my sellers more money for their homes
  • We’ll fix your smile in a painless and affordable manner
  • Make your car run smoothly

Although these benefits may not be world class as far as creativity goes or they may not apply to your business, the point is to make consumers feel warm and fuzzy inside. Knowing that you are going to help them fix a problem and addressing it in your marketing will get you closer to them taking action and eventually making a new sale

Good Selling,





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