Don’t try to just finish, try to finish first

My kids are in gymnastics. My daughter is very competitive and strives to be the best at everything she does. My son, up to this point has been happy just being his awesome self but not necessarily competitive.

My little girl got promoted to an entry level competitive team. At 8 years old she has the goal to be an elite gymnast by the time she is 12. My wife and I are thrilled and extremely proud of her for her accomplishments.

I have coached every sport my son has played. Soccer, baseball and his scholastic team at school. He has the ability to be amazing but for him its been about having fun. That was until this month.

When he saw how much of a deal we made for our daughter he wanted a part of that. He is in an urban acrobatics class that is very challenging. These kids do some amazing stuff! Flips, back hand springs, jumping from wall to wall, swinging and climbing. On his own he approached his coach and asked what he needed to do to move up to the advanced class. His coach gave him a list of things to do which included conditioning, flexibility, strength training and to show that he was ready by standing out in his existing class.

My son went from simply trying to finish to trying to finish first. He did not only try but he was coming in first during all of their exercises and tasks. My son went from being happy just being to not being satisfied unless he won. He had a goal and he was going after it.

Tonight was our first night in the advanced class and although he is surrounded by kids up to 10 years older than him, he was finishing right in the middle and pushing himself to finish first. On the drive home he asked me if I noticed that he was trying to win every time. I did notice and told him that I am very proud.

Often times I am just trying to finish. He reminded me that even if we don’t come in first we should try and finish first no matter what it is we do. As an entrepreneur this is a reminder that was much needed.

Remember: Don’t try to just finish, try to finish first


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